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Sak Yant or Yantra Tattooing are  believed to give the wearer magic powers associated with healing, luck, strength, and protection against evil.

You can get these here in thailand by a monk, they look beautiful but I’d never recommend it. Essentially, you’re making a pact with a spirit to protect you in exchange for sacrificing an activity or habit you may have previously enjoyed (the monk decides what this is, not you). These tattoos are contracts. 
 Breaking your side of the bargain may encourage the spirit to ‘punish’ you, and these contracts are not easily voided. 

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chat tangent

  • me:


  • omg on my birthday we were talking about my cousin Andy's not-really-gf thats pregnant

  • (long story)

  • my aunts just got back from san diego and were talking about how cool it was, they went with Katherine to get the ultrasound

  • and it was a 4D scan

  • I was just like WHAT WAS THE FOURTH D

  • i kept repeating it

  • lol

  • like I know there are 3 dimensions... where the fuck did they get the 4th one


  • I swear I was not drunk



Chuck Palahniuk • Friday, July 25th • 4pm ET /1 pm PT

In celebration of Comic-Con, the announcement of Fight Club 2 and the fall novel, Beautiful You, we’re taking your questions right here on Tumblr.

Submit your questions via the Ask Box (here) and Chuck will answer them live from Comic-Con on Friday, July 25th at 4 pm ET/ 1pm PT.

And, be sure to check out the new book, coming October 21st, 2014.

First rule of Tumblr club: you should definitely talk about chuckpalahniuk's Tumblr Q&A.






Fucking yes..

I feel like the moment Harry potter becomes public domain every publishing company out there will be hit with books like these. I’ve seen people write whole books and series in the form of “fanfiction” because people wanna fill those gaps that JKR left in her world. If the world of Harry Potter operated more like Forgotten realms or D&D it would be a wonderful thing.



What We Do in the Shadows

The story follows a small group of vampires residing in Wellington, New Zealand and how they live their lives. It was written and directed by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement. This is the team that brought us the films Boy and Eagle Vs. Shark. The cast includes Clement, Waititi, Jonathon Brugh, Cori Gonzalez-Macuer, Rhys Darby, and Stu Rutherford. Here’s the synopsis:

Viago (379 years old), Deacon (183 years old), Vladislav (862 years old), and Peter (8,000 years old) are vampires who have chosen to share a flat in Wellington, New Zealand. Unfortunately for them, it’s hard to make new friends due to their constant thirst for blood. Without any mortal chums left to invite them in to all of the hip establishments around town, they’ve lost touch with the current social scene, but hope to put aside their differences as roommates and adapt to modern society. 



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